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Real-Estate Agents Use Enterprise Pest Services
Local Real Estate agents and Realtors in the Hampton Roads gave Enterprise Pest Services thumbs up for their fast, but quality service is making there the real-estate transaction goes smoother.
  • Enterprise Pest Services, Inc. can provide termite letters which are the necessary part in real estate transactions.

  • We pride ourselves on our experience in the industry providing the best service for real estate agents. Enterprise Pest Services, Inc. will provide a Termite Inspection Report you will need for your real estate closing.

  • Whether you’re representing the seller or the buyer, you will have the assurance that Enterprise Pest Services, Inc. will provide an accurate and reliable report.

  •  As a realtor, your job is to assure your clients that they are making the right choice when buying and getting the right price when selling their home. Agents working on behalf of your clients have the responsibility to make sure that all aspects of their transaction are looked after in every way. Moreover, you need a reliable and fully-licensed termite inspector to perform a quality termite and moisture inspection and possible treatment and repairs.

  • If your client is purchasing a new home, every homeowner wants to be sure there are no existing problems; Enterprise Pest Services, Inc. will provide you with a termite and moisture inspection with findings and to ensure there are no current termite or moisture problems.

  • For buyers especially, termite damage is rarely covered by insurance policies making the need for a professional termite inspection even more important.

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